Now a minor motion picture

Way back in July, I asked for help in putting together a presentation on dealing with collection development in these economic times. I finally had the time to turn my October 1 presentation at the UNYOC meeting into a QuickTime movie and dub the audio to it. The video is embedded below, but you can also go to Vimeo to watch it in a larger window or to download it if you want. The text is available separately at Scribd. Many thanks to my colleagues who sent in their ideas and tips. The spirit of sharing has always been alive and well in the library community, and the Internet expands that spirit exponentially.

In case you’re wondering, the presentation was done in Apple’s Keynote, not in PowerPoint.


One response to “Now a minor motion picture

  1. Leaves a Mark,

    Loved your presentation. I would add that when looking at the value of your resources that people might want to take a look at the resources at the Midcontinental RML
    There is a Library Value Calculator, CBA/ROI Calculator for books and journals and a Database Calculator. These would be especially helpful for hospital librarians who are doing their own collection development.

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